Income tax preparer

Income Tax Preparer

Income tax preparation and accounting in Miami:

We do all types of income taxes, corporate income tax, personal income tax, self employment income tax, income tax for singles, married with or without children. Personal income tax preparation includes the following:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Free analysis of last year’s tax returns
  • Electronic filing available at extra charge
  • Explanation of your taxes
  • Excellent service at a reasonable prices
  • Income tax referral program. (Make money by tax referrals)
  • Free copy of prior year income taxes


Why do you want to prepare your income tax with us?

Affordable tax preparation service Convenient location in Miami Efficient communication between clients and tax preparer. Tax preparer is a graduated accountant with 14 years of experience Personalized & professional tax service Specializing in small businesses and self employment income taxes

* Clients receive FREE consulting and tax planning advice. Feel free to ask… it’s FREE!