Incorporate Florida

Form an LLC or Incorporate in Florida as fast as 1 business day

We can assist you and help you incorporate or form an LLC in the state of Florida. This can be done easily over the phone by calling 786.360.2947 or online. Please complete a simple (one page) Corporation Form and fax it to 786.693.8960 or click here to submit your request. An accountant will contact you before the filing. In Florida it takes on average 1-3 business days to form a corporation or organize an LLC. filing time depends solely on the “Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations” due to the fact we may not guarantee exact turn around period. However, based on our professional expertise the time frame has always been between 1-3 business days.

Costs: Corporation filing in Florida (State Fees), EIN filing with IRS and S-Corporation filing with IRS: $250.00 LLC filing in Florida (State Fees), EIN filing with IRS and S-Corporation filing with the IRS (if  necessary): $300.00

Benefits of Incorporating or forming an LLC:

  • Protect Personal Assets
  • Tax Savings
  • Reduce Audit Risk
  • Establish Credibility

Protect Personal Assets: By Incorporating or organizing an LLC your personal assets are separated from your business assets. As a Sole Proprietorship, your liability for business debt is unlimited. Personal assets such as your home, bank accounts, retirement savings, and other valuable assets may be at risk. If your business experiences financial difficulties, creditors can take away personal property to satisfy business debts if you are operating as self employed.

Tax Savings: If you are operating as a Sole Proprietor, you will be required to pay 15.3% (self-employment tax) on your profit. Conversely if you set up a corporation for your business, only the salary paid out to you is subject to self-employment tax. Depending on your situation, you may be able to save thousands of dollars on your tax bill at year end by simply forming a Corporation or LLC.

Reduce Audit Risk: Did you know that in 2004 self employed individuals filing a Schedule C had four times more risk of being audited than a Corporation? Statistically Sole Proprietorships are more likely to report less income and exaggerate expenses on their individual income tax returns to avoid taxes. This is why the IRS tends to audit more individuals filing Schedule C and less corporate income tax returns.

Establish Credibility: Clients tend to trust more an established Corporation than an individual doing business under his/her own name. Most businesses elect to Incorporate or form an LLC to show legitimacy to both customers and suppliers.